• Will I be able to practise Yoga on my own after I attend Samyoga?
    Yes. Even though Samyoga is a short-duration programme, we will equip you adequately with theoretical and practical knowledge so that you will be able to practise Yoga by yourself. We will give you handouts for your ready reference. We will also be available over e-mail or call to clear your queries regarding practise.

  • Is there an age limit for attending Samyoga?
    There is no age limit as such to attend Samyoga but it will be better if the participant is at least 18 years of age so that he/she is able to make use of the experience fully.

  • Where does Samyoga happen?
    Samyoga happens in various locations across India. We have identified pristine spaces in Coonoor, Rishikesh, Wada, Munnar, et cetera. We spend considerable time in these locations to see if they are suitable for conducting Samyoga.

  • Can group bookings be done for Samyoga?
    Yes. We can also arrange a special Samyoga if you have a group and you wish to have an exclusive session.

  • How often does Samyoga happen?
    There are no fixed intervals at which we arrange Samyoga. There will be updates about the upcoming programmes on our website and social media pages. So that you do not miss out on these updates, we will request you to sign-up by sharing your e-mail ID and/or follow us on social media.        

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