We at Infinite Ananda are committed to giving you an experience towards your physical, mental, and emotional wellness in all its entirety. Experience peace by just being with yourself and feel the essence of this beautiful life. 


In this fast-paced life where everything is moving towards materialism, we want you to take a pause and have a glimpse of simple and mindful living. Our objective is to spread awareness about natural ways for holistic wellbeing and experience the rejuvenating effect it has on your mental, physical and emotional body. 

Health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind and aura, which is why the primary focus of all our programmes is to cleanse, heal and energize these three elements. At Infinite Ananda, we strongly believe in holistic wellbeing which leads to a level of ultimate consciousness where you can experience ananda or bliss.

Siddharth and Garima met during a Yoga course in Kaivalyadhama, Lonavala. They bonded over their mutual belief for simple living and also shared the curiosity to explore various other forms of alternative healing.

After further research, they realized how many people are unaware about these natural healing sciences, biggest reason being a lack of belief in them. In today’s world, when people expect quick results, anything that doesn’t give the sense of instant gratification becomes difficult to believe in. That's when an idea was born…

to give people an experience of holistic wellbeing, through natural ways with Yoga as the prime focus. 

Siddharth being an entrepreneur and Garima, a project management professional leveraged on each other’s strengths to make Infinite Ananda a reality.


Siddharth is a Yoga practitioner and trainer, a Gandhian, a minimalist and a sustainable living enthusiast. He is an energy and environmental engineer, an advocate and the founder of an exclusively khadi start-up called DesiTude.


Garima is a yoga practitioner, passionate about learning natural ways of living. She spent a substantial amount of her time in the corporate world but soon realized that her calling was in simple living. She is dedicated to this way of life and her present and future plans are all about trying to implement this in her life including her family.

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